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Thread: Maxine

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    DH suggested this today... he likes the nn Maxie. As I posted before we were considering Charlotte nn Charli/e and he thought Maxine/Maxie had the same "feel" (girly, classic name, boyish nickname i suppose)

    Thoughts? Is it too weird? Or cute? I can't decide.

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    It's "okay" - It isn't really my cup of tea, but that might be because I associate it with the Character Maxine from Soap Opera Hollyoaks and the giantress Madame Olympe Maxine.

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    The grumpy old lady in the hallmark cards (the one who is perpetually wearing slippers and a bathrobe and says things like, "If each day is a gift, I'd like to know where to return Mondays") is named Maxine. Which wouldn't bother me, except that I knew an actual Maxine who could have been the prototype for the Hallmark character. I want to like the name, it has all of the benchmarks for revival, but I can't get past the grumpy/frumpy old lady-ness. And your daughter won't thank you for "Maxie" when she hits junior high.
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    My coworker's wife is named Maxine, and when I first heard her name, I cringed and thought some not-nice things about it. But after getting to know him and her (and hearing it over and over and over), I'm really loving this name, and I hope to see it a lot more. Can't say the same for the nn Maxie, which I agree with pp will not seem like a great idea when she goes through puberty (or when her peers do, more accurately).

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    I really like it. I much prefer it to overused Charlotte. Though I would probably use the nn Max or even Zee or ZeeZee instead of Maxie to avoid the maxy-pad reference.

    Maxine is just such a cool name. Thumbs up.
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