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Thread: My Nieces!

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    Red face My Nieces!

    So I am not sure if I have ever posted the names of my 3 beautiful little nieces, so I thought I would do so and see what you all think of my sister's choices.

    Mommy: Briana Cecile


    Annabelle Marie (directly named after her grandma) - currently 6 years old, blond hair/blue eyes

    Sophie Oleander (middle name taken from sister's fav book 'White Oleander') - currently 2 1/2, green eyes/red hair

    Feather Cherie (my sis has been obsessed with this name since she was a young'un and she wanted to continue the "french" sound of the other two with the middle name) - currently 7 months old, dark hair/blue eyes

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    I like Annabelle Marie. It's a nice name and it flows well. I like the literary reference with Sophie Oleander. I usually take most of my middle names from book characters. Feather sounds kind of weird to me as a first name, honestly.

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    Yeah, Feather is definitely on the odd side, but it is the only name in which she had complete naming authority, haha. I think people will assume it is "Heather" misspelled. Nevertheless, it didn't strike me as too odd because I have a friend named Heather who goes by "Feather".

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    I am awing at the amazing names!!!
    There are literally no words to describe how awesome those names are.
    I'm taking a moment of silence to appreciate the awesomeness.
    .................................................. .........................................
    Those are great lol.
    i sounded like such a 10 year old but oh well.
    teen berry
    excuse my username

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    The first two are fine, pretty and French sounding but... feather cherie? I hope she never feels like she drew the short straw :/

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