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    Not all of these are nice with Valley as a mn, but incase you decide to nix Valley I figured I would just leave them in.
    Also some of these were books or tv series before comics or not even comics at all but full of geekery nonetheless.

    Ada (Resident Evil)
    Aela (Skyrim)
    Alessandra (Skyrim)
    Alyx (Half-Life 2)
    Amelia (Doctor Who)
    Aria (Mass Effect)
    Arya (ASOIAF)
    Asha (ASOIAF)
    Athena (BSG)
    Beatrix (FF)
    Caroline (Portal)
    Chloe (Uncharted)
    Claire (Resident Evil)
    Clara (Doctor Who)
    Clementine (The Walking Dead: video game)
    Cortana (Halo)
    Daenerys (ASOIAF)
    Elena (Uncharted)
    Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite)
    Eowyn (LotR)
    Esther (Ni no Kuni)
    Eva (Metal Gear)
    Gwen (Spider-Man)
    Helena (BSG)
    Hero (Y the Last Man)
    Inara (Firefly)
    Joanna (Perfect Dark)
    Katja (The Walking Dead: video game)
    Lara (Tomb Raider)
    Liara (Mass Effect)
    Lilly (The Walking Dead)
    Lyanna (ASOIAF)
    Lydia (Skyrim)
    Malon (Zelda)
    Marin (Zelda)
    Margaery (ASOIAF)
    Meera (ASOIAF)
    Meryl (Metal Gear)
    Miranda (Mass Effect)
    Naomi (Metal Gear)
    Natalya (Y the Last Man)
    Nova (StarCraft)
    Nymeria (ASOIAF)
    Petra (Ender's Game.. Not technically a comic but it is classic sci-fi)
    Reinette (Doctor Who)
    River (Firefly)
    Rosalind (Bioshock Infinite)
    Rose (Y the Last Man/ Doctor Who)
    Samara (Mass Effect)
    Sansa (ASOIAF)
    Selina (Batman)
    Sophia (The Walking Dead)
    Tali (Mass Effect)
    Visenya (ASOIAF)
    Ygritte (ASOIAF)
    Yuna (FF)
    Zoe (Firefly)
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