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    Comic/game FN for Valley MN

    My wife and I are pretty nerdy (admittedly me even more than her, just in different areas.) Our son's name is Luca Cage, after Power Man, one of the first black superheroes (it also fit with my Italian heritage.) We have dogs named Loki and Nova. So, we have a two syllable naming convention that pulls mainly from comic books. A lot of female superhero names are kinda overdone, Jessica, Anne, Jean... you get the idea - which makes this tougher than it could be.

    My wife has wanted Valley for a MN since before our son was born (was her grandmother's name), so that isn't gonna change. Our last name is Ellsworth, and although we aren't afraid of alliteration we don't want it to be too much. Also, with the MN Valley, its easy to get into something corny (a la Hidden Valley, et al)

    So we're looking for ideas, stuff we haven't thought about or looked over. Bonus points if its from fantasy lit/comics/videogames/mythology.

    Here's some that we like:

    Aerith / Aeris Valley
    Norah Valley
    Wren Valley
    Ivy Valley
    Mara Valley
    Chloe Valley
    Sophie Valley
    Arya Valley
    Arwen Valley
    Devi Valley
    Anya Valley

    There's more, but we're only at 20 weeks so we've got the time.

    Samus and Zelda have both gotten the kibosh, fyi.

    Let me hear your thoughts on what we have gathered, and what your own favorites to go with Valley are. We are very open to suggestion/manipulation!

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