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    Comic/game FN for Valley MN

    My wife and I are pretty nerdy (admittedly me even more than her, just in different areas.) Our son's name is Luca Cage, after Power Man, one of the first black superheroes (it also fit with my Italian heritage.) We have dogs named Loki and Nova. So, we have a two syllable naming convention that pulls mainly from comic books. A lot of female superhero names are kinda overdone, Jessica, Anne, Jean... you get the idea - which makes this tougher than it could be.

    My wife has wanted Valley for a MN since before our son was born (was her grandmother's name), so that isn't gonna change. Our last name is Ellsworth, and although we aren't afraid of alliteration we don't want it to be too much. Also, with the MN Valley, its easy to get into something corny (a la Hidden Valley, et al)

    So we're looking for ideas, stuff we haven't thought about or looked over. Bonus points if its from fantasy lit/comics/videogames/mythology.

    Here's some that we like:

    Aerith / Aeris Valley
    Norah Valley
    Wren Valley
    Ivy Valley
    Mara Valley
    Chloe Valley
    Sophie Valley
    Arya Valley
    Arwen Valley
    Devi Valley
    Anya Valley

    There's more, but we're only at 20 weeks so we've got the time.

    Samus and Zelda have both gotten the kibosh, fyi.

    Let me hear your thoughts on what we have gathered, and what your own favorites to go with Valley are. We are very open to suggestion/manipulation!

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    Well - I think it depends on whether you want it to be obvious or not. You got a lot of great names there as it is.

    Aerith (FF FTW :P)

    are my favourites - a lot of the others feel overdone (Sophie, Chloe, Anya..) and the others I'm just not keen on. But here are some other female power players:

    Rinoa (you've probably already considered this on as you've got Aerith)
    LunaMaria / Luna-Maria (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
    Miriallia (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)
    Talia (Mobile Suit Gundamn SEED)
    Meer / Mia (Mobile Suit Gundamn SEED)
    Nanali (Code Geass)
    Marianne (Code Geass)
    Cornelia (Code Geass)
    Euphemia (Code Geass)
    Dorothea (Code Geass)
    Nonette (Code Geass)
    Viletta (Code Geass)
    Teresa (Claymore)
    Priscilla (Claymore)
    Miria (Claymore)
    Luciela (Claymore)
    Rafaela (Claymore)
    Alicia (Claymore)
    Anastasia (Claymore)
    Flora (Claymore)
    Miata (Claymore)
    Elda (Claymore, Chobits)
    Eva (Claymore)
    Katea (Claymore)
    Yuna (FF, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, etc)
    Celestia (Shining Tears x Wind)
    Rin (Fruits Basket, Fate Stay Night, Angelic Layer, Ask Dr. Rin!, Vocaloid)
    Kisa (Fruits Basket)
    Ren (Fruits Basket)
    Sakura (various... too many to mention!)
    Iriya (Fate/Stay Night - Technically Iriyasviel or Illyasviel)
    Kaede (Fate/Stay Night, Angelic Layer, Chobits)
    Luvia (Fate/Stay Night - Technically Luviagelita)
    Iris (Fate/Zero - Techincally Irisviel)
    Arturia (Fate/Stay night, Fate/Zero)
    Natalia (Fate/Zero)
    Sophia-Ri (Fate/Zero - Technically Sola-Ui Nuaba-Re Sophia-Ri or Sorau Nuazare Sofiari)
    Freya (Chobits)
    Alice (Angelic Layer - "Arisu",High School of The Dead)
    Sayuri (Various)
    Saya (High School of The Dead)
    Miku (High School of The Dead, Vocaloid)
    Miriam (Vocaloid - OK Vocaloid is a program/music thing)
    Lola (Vocaloid)
    Clara (Vocaloid)
    Avanna (Vocaloid)
    Misa (Death Note)
    Naomi (Death Note)

    Ok so I dwell mainly in Mangas and Animes and not so much the classics... :P

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    I love Wren from your list and Freya and Iris from tiggerian's list.

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    A few more:

    Teana (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)
    Lucy (Fairy tale, Elfen Lied)
    Ciel (KUROSHITSUJI - a male in the anime, but a female name)
    Senna ( Bleach)
    Scarlett (Fairy tale)
    Alielle (El Hazard)
    Altena (Noir)
    Mireille (Noir)
    Chloe (Spice and WOlf, Gunslinger girl)
    Henrietta (Gunslinger Girl)
    Triela (Gunslinger Girl)
    Angelica (Gunslinger Girl)
    Elsa (Gunslinger Girl)
    Beatrice (Gunslinger Girl)
    Elenora (Gunslinger Girl)
    Aya (Various)
    Chiaki (Various)
    Hanna (Eureka Seven)
    Yuki (Eureka Seven, Fruits Basket, etc)
    Mischa (Eureka Seven)
    Sonia (Eureka Seven)
    Ingrid (Katsugeki Shoujo Tantei Dan)
    Iria ( Iria - Zeiram the Animation)
    Kalia (El Hazard)
    Luna (Sailor Moon)
    Lyra (Full Metal Alchemist)
    Mari (Neon Genesis Evangelium)
    Maria (Full Metal Alchemist)
    Melissa (Full Metal Panic!)
    Millie (Code Geass)
    Mina (Darker than black)
    Natalie (Scrapped Princess)
    Nessa (Fractale)
    Oriana (Toaru Majutsu no Index)
    Minerva (Princess Minerva)
    Rosalie (The Rose of Versailles)
    Sarah (Love Hina)
    Sora (.hack, Ah! My Goddess, FF)
    Sybil (Black Magic M-66)
    Tanya (Darker than black)
    Galatea (Claymore)
    Tabitha (The Familiar of Zero)
    Augusta (The Familiar of Zero)
    Frederica (The Familiar of Zero)
    Agnes (The Familiar of Zero)
    Eleonore (The Familiar of Zero)

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    Wow, thanks for the response. A lot of great ones there, including some I had forgotten we were talking about. I love Freya (Norse mytho ftw) but my wife has vetoed it.

    Now in the mix due to your great input are

    Rinoa / Rin(you're right, I pitched this one before but she didn't like it until YOU said it, lol)
    Talia / Tali
    Miri (from your Miriam)

    Thanks again!

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