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    I've met two sets of twins who both had the same fn but different mns. Waaaaayyyy too confusing! Although, there was the advantage of using their fn and never making the mistake of confusing the two girls!

    When siblings share a given name, it seems a bit lazy and un imaginative to me. I also have that impression when I meet someone with the same fn & ln (ie John Johnson). Unless of course there is a really good reason / story behind the name choice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    I just know that if I had my sister's middle name as my first I'd feel kinda jipped--like my mother was trying to make me in to my sister.
    Also, my mother called us by our first and middle names often (especially when we were in trouble)--so if my sister was in trouble and being yelled at "Sadie Robin!" and my name was Robin, I'd feel like my mom was yelling for me when I didn't do anything....know what I mean? It just presents problems.

    This all the way.

    I would want my kids to feel like they had their own individual name, picked out JUST for them. That we put a lot of thought and love into thinking it up.
    This ties in with me not gravitating towards overly trendy or popular names. I'm just a stickler for individual style I guess.... Really is my biggest naming rule.
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    Personally I'd consider that a big no-no. As a person who has always had some kind of inferiority problems with my siblings, that would bother me to no end.

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    I don't think that is too bad. I personally would avoid it but to each their own. My sister is actually doing that.
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    Just so you know, I've tried being creative with names and whenever I have done so,.I've come u with : bambi-candice, angel-starr, and ocean-raine which have all in turn been said they sound like "p*rn star" names hence why I go for more traditional .. I also like river lol
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