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Thread: Wilfred?

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    Smile Wilfred?

    Met a little boy called this, nicknamed Wilfie, thought it was adorable. Also met a Gilbert which I wasn't so keen on, especially as his nickname seems to be Gilly. What's your opinion? Do you like these sort of vintage names that have come back into fashion?

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    I'm a sucker for vintage names so I really like that all these 'old people' names are making a comeback over here. I prefer Gilbert to Wilfred (although I like the NNs Gil and Bertie more than Gilly) but Wilfie is very cute. Actually a lot of these vintage 'ee'-ending names are cute: Alfie, Archie, Harry, Bobby, Charlie, Louie, Freddie, Teddy...

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    I like Alfred more than Wilfred.

    Gilbert is wonderful, but mainly because of Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. I like the Gil nickname.

    Along the same lines, Edmund falls a little into that camp. I like the nickname, Ned, for it.

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    Wilfred just makes me think of the TV show, and I have family with the last name Gilbert, so I could never use it. But I think the nn Gil is nice.

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    I prefer Gilbert, especially because of the Anne of Green Gables association.
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