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    But we really love Cyril !!!

    this is really frustrating me so sorry if i go on a bit!....

    we found out recently that our twins will be a boy and a girl. We pretty much have the girl name sorted but the boy is killing me!

    we love Cyril! adore it but our major problem is our three year old is Sybil. My husband basically says "who cares if we have a Cyril and a Sybil" but to me, it is really obvious how close they are and it bugs me.

    i love names and always have and i am one for "the names have to go together". Our style is definatly traditional vintage edge. I have tried to spell Cyril, Cyrille but it doesnt work for me because i have to have it spelled the "correct" way. We have considered other names but something just keeps tugging everytime we come back to Cyril. Whats more i love how its such an unusual name for this day and age and he wont be one of twenty with the same name in his class at school (like i was!).

    our other considerations have been:


    please give us your opinions!......what do you say?......find a different name or go with Cyril?

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