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    Blair Anthony: Opinions?

    WDYT of Blair Anthony as a combo?
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    Sounds nice, but honestly first reaction is: girl. Blaine seems more masculine while Blair makes me instantly think of a girl.
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    It won't work in the UK where Anthony Blair was our last prime minister, to English ears it sounds like Bush George or Clinton William would to an American. . Not sure where you are based but if you are considering a move to the UK it sounds odd because of that connection. I do love the name Anthony though.
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    I thought girl first also because I've only met girl Blairs. I'm not opposed to it on a boy though. Its nice enough.

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    I knew a guy named Blair and I found it odd on him. I also like it more for a girl. Anthony Blair would be nice, however, if it was the name of a prime minister, I'd avoid it. How about Blaine Anthony or Blake Anthony? Just my two cents.
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