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    Quote Originally Posted by rulu3228 View Post
    I like it. I think too many people try to label names masculine or feminine and I do not think that is necessary. If you love it, go for it!
    My feeling as well. However, I do think there might be some aesthetically better names for the first half of your double than Edison. I guess because it starts with "Ed" it seems clunky to me. If Edison is a family name you could flip it around maybe? Rose-Edison?

    I like Ellis, (and Ellis-Rose) which is similar. I've been thinking about it for a girl since rewatching Grey's Anatomy. In season 1 you learn that Meredith's (btw, another nice not-too-feminine name) mother is Dr. Ellis Grey.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    It strikes me as you liking Madison/Addison but fearing their popularity, grasping around for something slightly different from the pack, and adding a signal onto the end that this is, in fact, a girl.

    I genuinely don't understand how you can simultaneously be attracted to a masculine/surname for your daughter, with the word -son right there, but also feel nervous about it being masculine and attaching Rose. It's like the ultimate mixed signal.
    This SO MUCH. It's the same thing as "I love uncommon names so I'm naming my baby Jayden except spelling it Jaehdinn." No, that's the same thing as Jayden.

    I really don't care for boy names on girls, so I'm really not in favourite of Edison on a girl, with Rose or not. The exception being like, French & Spanish (and maybe there are other languages that do this) where you can have a double fn on a girl or boy and use a name from the opposite gender, like Marie-Claude or José María. I could make an argument for Edison and Rose together on a girl, but following those construction rules, Rose-Edison works, Edison-Rose doesn't, because the gender of the person needs to be reflected in the *first* first name, and the second name can be one of the opposite gender. I could get on-board with that, I guess...
    But I'm still with Blade- either you're okay with giving your daughter a boy name, or you aren't. Doing both sends weird messages, imo.
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    I really intensely dislike it.

    Edison is just so blatantly masculine and tacking Rose on the end is not only confusing, but also not very attractive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rulu3228 View Post
    I like it. I think too many people try to label names masculine or feminine and I do not think that is necessary. If you love it, go for it!
    Because the fact is that the vast majority of names ARE either masculine or feminine. NOT acknowledging gender is not helping anyone. Names have gender associations and parts of language they come from that state whether it is used for males or females. Taking gender away from names all together is a terrible idea. There is a difference between men and women and that is nothing to be ashamed of or a reason to try to eliminate gender associations from our culture entirely. Edison ends in -son, it MEANS "Son of Eda" or "Son of Adam" depending on which place you look - it detonates a patriarchal line of men in a family. So yes, this name has a gender whether you want to address it or not.

    You can CHOOSE to use whatever name on whichever gender suits your fancy but names have gender labels, it's a fact.

    That being said - I still don't get why it's ok to be masculine but not feminine? Would you name your son Victoria or Elizabeth? If not then you are a hypocrite. (general you, not a specific you).

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    100% Folly. In my opinion. It's not even the boys name that bothers me, its the last name as first name trend that I find tacky. I don't like the name Edison either. If you name a child Edison everyone will think you are huge Thomas Edison fans. If you must use the name Edison, please put it in the middle spot. Rose Edison.
    I love Blade's suggestion of Adair and Esther for you as well.
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