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    I don't know... I think it's a good idea, but Edison on a girl doesn't really work for me. I picture an elderly bald man.

    How about...
    Tatum-Rose (I love this!)
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    Using a Boy's Name as Part of a Girl's Double: Fashionable or Folly?
    Reading the headline, I immediately thought of Petticoat Junction: Billie-Jo, Bobby-Jo, Betty-Jo and Kathy-Jo. I don't think it's particularly cool or fashionable. Edison is a little long for a double barrel name; most double barrel names are short. (Each name is one or two syllables.) Examples: Anna-Rose Mary-Jane Mary-Sue, Mary-Beth, Mary-Lou, etc.
    Eddie-Rose Or Edie-Rose.
    About Edith to honor an Edison? nnn Edie or Eden or Edita or Edwina.
    Maybe Edisona?

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    Edison-Rose is charming in theory, but in reality to me it seems like you didn't know if you wanted a boy or a girl, so you just stuck with your top boy and girl name.
    Especially with Pauline, it just reinforces the "confusion" theme.

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    I pretty much agree with everyone else. I love double barrel names but am not a fan of Edison-Rose. We at one point considered the name Anne-Thomas for a future daughter, to honor a dear family member, but we ended up with a boy instead.

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    I like it. I think too many people try to label names masculine or feminine and I do not think that is necessary. If you love it, go for it!

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