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    Using a Boy's Name as Part of a Girl's Double: Fashionable or Folly?

    All right, Berries, I'm back!

    After the hub nixed all of the beautiful classic names you suggested for us, we are back to the drawing board.
    One thing I've always loved is the Double Name, which seems to be a bigger cultural thing in the South than other parts of the USA.

    After endless brainstorming sessions, we seem to have found a name we love: Edison-Rose. She would be a double barrel first name (middle name Pauline.) We know it's a mouth full, but in a world of Seraphinas and Evangelines we're not so worried about that.

    Edison, when heard at all, is usually heard as a boy's name. Does that make the name too out there? I know little girls who go by Dillon, Taylor, and Ryan...Is this a logical next step or are we dooming our little lady to confusion all her days? Is Rose too generic or just the right touch of feminine style?

    Thanks for your feedback!

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    If I met a little girl named Edison-Rose my first impression would be 'southern' as using surnames for 1st names ( on girls and boys) is a very southern tradition, as is the double- barreled name. That being said, I don't particularly care for Edison, I like the way it looks on paper but I'm not fond of the sound
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    I think it can be fashionable, depending the name, and the significance behind it. I am southern, and thought about using Tate, as it is a last name that goes back generations on my mother's side of the family... Anna-Tate.

    As for Edison, well, I think I would prefer to see Addison-Rose, but I wouldn't call it bad, just different......
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    It strikes me as you liking Madison/Addison but fearing their popularity, grasping around for something slightly different from the pack, and adding a signal onto the end that this is, in fact, a girl.

    I genuinely don't understand how you can simultaneously be attracted to a masculine/surname for your daughter, with the word -son right there, but also feel nervous about it being masculine and attaching Rose. It's like the ultimate mixed signal.
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    Is there something in particular you like about Edison? Or just the idea of a boy/unisex-Rose combo? To me, it is such a masculine name where other traditionally boy names would have a softer sound (Elliott, for example). I understand the Addison/Madison trend because Addie and Maddie are appealing for girls but I don't have the same response to Eddie. Since traditional doesn't seem to be your thing, you might look into more surname-y types (or I'm sure we can suggest some!) if it isn't Edison specifically you like.

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