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    Sounds to literal, doesn't it?

    Hey Berries!

    What do you think of Estella Pearl? I liked it, I thought it was pretty, but the more I say it the more it sounds like "A stellar pearl!"
    I haven't found another middle name to go with it yet. So I am open to suggestions to break up that minor problem. But overall do you like the two names together?

    "Jessie" Jessica Emily Faith
    Living in the land of Oz...
    Ronan: For the sake of spicy, little boys wearing plaid shirts, running around in kneeless jeans, playing in the mud and being mischievous.
    Combo Considerations:
    ★ Amara Kate ★ Jonas Michael Ellis★ Lorenzo "Enzo" River ★ Viviana Camille ★ Rowe Henry Robin ★ Thora Jewel ★ Luca Rowen Henry ★ Emmy Noelle ★ Bentley Reed ★ Mary Belle Aster ★ Anna Lora Lark★

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    I actually never noticed that! I think it's usable.

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    I don't think anyone else will get the "stellar pearl" thing right away. I think that's just because you've said it to yourself a million times and ANYTHING starts to sound weird the millionth time around.

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    And yes, I like the combination.

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    I do the same thing with names that end with an A! I always think that it sounds like a word pronounced like an accent, for example I liked the name Seyla but couldn't help but hear Sailor...anyways I like your combo, I can see where you are coming from but I generally don't think people would think "stellar pearl".. Only people who over think names like me!

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