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    I think ashthedreamer worded it very well. Not a good idea.
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    I don't think it's out there, but I don't think it's a good choice either... I'd be really embarrassed if it were my middle name, honestly. That's fine that the dad in the article you read thinks it's awesome, but the person I'd be wanting to hear from is the one who has to have that on all his documentation. How annoying would it be to hand over your ID checking in for a flight, buying alcohol, or having it on a transcript and have people remark on it time after time.
    I mean, go for it if you love it, but consider what a person who literally has the word "danger" as their middle name will have to deal with.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback so far. I knew that this would be the general consensus really. I have talk to other people about the idea and they kind of like it usually not to use for themselves.

    Thanks @ashthedreamer, I never really thought about the more negative connotations that could be link with the name, (as I said it's only an idea for the moment). There is also the challenge of it would suit a more out going and possibly 'sporty' type boy in my mind and of course you can't choose what your child likes. I could imagine a shyer boy not liking to admit his middle name.

    But if anyone else thinks the same or differently I would still love to hear!

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    Maybe you could use Ranger instead? Positive word and sounds almost the same.
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    Dangerously scary and ridiculous!

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