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Thread: Estella?

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    What are your thoughts on the name Estella? Thoughts, associations, imagery? Also, do you think Stevie would work as a nickname?

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    I really like the name Estella and have since first reading Great Expectations. It was on my list until I learned there is apparently going to be another Great Expectations movie produced.
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    I have a soft spot for the name Estella. It never appealed to me before but then I met a girl named Estella through mutual friends and it started to grow on me. I think about adding it to my list all the time but haven't.

    The Estella I know is a very pretty, spunky, blonde haired girl so that's what I picture :P
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    I'm honestly surprised this name hasn't had a comeback yet. Stella is popular, names containing -ell and -ella are popular, vintage names are popular -- it's a hidden gem! Estella has made a very slow climb from a low at 988 in 1970 to 882 today, and was at its highest in the late 19th/early 20th century. So it doesn't even have that sharp "comeback curve" (at least yet) that dates it to the 2010s - unlike Ella and Stella.

    My main association is also Great Expectations. I see it on a dreamy girl with dark hair and dark eyes - graceful, maybe a dancer.
    Stevie sort of sounds like a stretch ... but a lot of the nicknames I like for my favorite names are stretches, too. If you present it early on people will get used to it. The great thing about Estella is there are a lot of nicknames available - Stella, Ella, Ellie, Tellie, Tillie, Estie, Esta - so if she doesn't end up seeming like a Stevie, you have options.
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