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    I would hate if I was one of those twins.
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    Sometimes when said fast, Kelly and Kaleigh end up sounding the same...
    Also, certain accents pronounce them the same. I have a friend from Montreal, an anglophone and native English speaker, but due to his slight accent, he says Kaleigh very similarly to Kelly. (We have a friend named Kaleigh and it drives her nuts haha)

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    Its like they're not creative or loving enough to think hard about the names they're giving their children. Like they expect them to be the same person. I would resent my parents if they did something like that to me.

    My boyfriend's twin uncles are named Tracy and Stacy. Because they were expecting girls. Now that's just LAZY.
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    See, I wouldn't know if Kaliegh was meant to be said like Kayley or Callie, or if Keliegh was meant to be Kelly or Keeley (I've known a Keeley who spells it Keileigh, so that would be my first guess at that name). And the fact it should be Leigh not Liegh.

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    I really, really hate this stupid obsession with -leigh lately. It looks ridiculous and overdone.

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