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    We plan on trying for our first in the next 1-2 years (I will be 25-26, he will be 29-30) and I would like to be done by 35 because of those increased health risks for mother and baby.

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    I am 25 and if things go as planned, I will be 26 or 27 when my 2nd (and last) is born. My husband is 35, so he will probably be 36 or possibly 37 when the next baby is born. He was kind of iffy on even having a second one, but he knows how important it is to me that Rowan has a sibling. I was an only child and I always wanted a sibling, and still wish I had one to this day.
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    In my situation I didn't meet my husband till I was 29. I was in a 10year rel'ship in my teens and 20s and, for me, no way was I close to having a baby then (or maybe it was just the guy!). Anyway, we got married at 32 then two babes quickly followed. I am now close to 37 and trying to conceive #3. In my head, I am saying that if I'm not pregnant by the end of the year we will call it quits. Two reasons. First, is definitely an age thing. I just don't want to have a baby when I'm 40 and I don't want to try for the next two years. It is mentally exhausting and straining on a relationship to be simply focused on trying to fall pregnant. And second, I do want my kids to be close in age. I don't want a big gap. This all may have been different if I did in fact have my first baby in my 20s. But in my situation 38 is the deal breaker.
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    I think we're done after this baby. I will turn the big 2-9 this saturday! Little Teagan is due to arrive in 6 weeks.
    We have so many travel plans over the coming years I just don't think another child would fit into that reality. But we haven't completely taken it off the table. If I reach 35 and still no third, then i'd be content to keep things as they are.
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    I'd like to start having kids at about 28 and be done by 34; I'd also like four kids - maybe five if we end up with four girls or four boys. 34 is a bit of an arbitrary choice (i.e. I don't think that hitting 35 in and of itself makes a pregnancy higher risk, in the same sense that I wasn't a greater car accident risk the day before my 25th birthday than I am today; I wouldn't want to push too far past 35, but I wouldn't freak out if I got pregnant at 36 instead of 34 or something). 34 is, however, how old my mom was when she started having kids (she was pushing 35 when she had me and was 37 when she had my brother), and in my own experience, my parents just didn't really have the energy to do much stuff ("stuff" being, for example, play tennis or go on trips) with us as we got older, particularly by the time I hit high school. I'd like to be old enough that we're fairly established in our careers and are financially stable before we start having kids, and young enough that I'll still be able to be reasonably active when the youngest leaves the house.
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