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    Impressions of these names? Would you want any of these names to be your name?

    Hi all -

    The berry community has been incredibly helpful these last couple months - my husband and I are beginning to plan for baby #2 and after a long and agonizing experience with naming our first born son (his name is Victor David MyMaidenName MyHusbandsLastName) we are hoping to have a list of two - four potential names locked and loaded for the next baby as early as possible this go around. After gathering lots of great suggestions from various berries we realize that we are looking for something that has a friendly feeling (to help temper some of the intensity that many people associate with Victor). We need a name that works for both English and Spanish speakers as well. Our list is a little shorter now (my husband has shot down many of the names that berries have suggested, including Odetta, which was a tough one for me to let go of!).

    Now I'm looking for impressions of the following names and/or feedback if you would especially like to be named one of the following names or really WOULDN'T want that name. Thanks in advance!


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    I like most of these but if I had to chose what I would like to be called, prob either Veronica or Corinne. Only prob with the former is you are then trapped in the 'V' names for other bubs. Veronica Odette or Corinne Odetta may work?
    I also love
    Veronica Corinne
    Corinne Rosalia
    Corinne Luisa
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    My favourites from your list are Thea, Linnea, Rosalia, Roslyn (I like Rosalind too) and Corinne. They sound sweet, fresh pretty, but not too frilly.
    Nancy, Paulina & Veronica sound a bit dated to me.
    Luisa & Rosetta are OK, just not my style.
    Arcadia - is this a name for a person? That's my impression!
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    [FONT=Courier New]If I were to rename myself from your list, I, would probably choose: Linnea or Arcadia. Rosetta, unfortunately, reminds me of the language software, Rosetta Stone.

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    From your list, I'd like to be Thea or a Linnea.

    I definitely wouldn't want to be a Nancy or Paulina.
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