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    Question Steampunk Names?

    Hey all,

    I'm looking for Steampunk names. Classic sounding, interesting/unique, uncommon.

    Personally I have them divided into 'Business' names, 'Intellectual' names, and 'Laborer' names, then by gender. The society I've created is heavily divided by class, somewhat chaotic, and dystopian. Business class names tend to be longer, more unique, and are never shortened. Intellectual class has a wallflower feel to it, and Labor is generally simple or easily shortened names. You don't have to classify them if you don't want to, I'll put them where I feel they fit best, but just in case it helps you with ideas. :)

    If you aren't sure what Steampunk is, it's a style of sci-fi/fantasy with dark, Victorian, mechanical themes. The best way to gain a good understanding is to skim the Wikipedia article and just search 'Steampunk' in Google images.

    I don't have specific character descriptions, really; I'm still in the development stages of the setting and don't exactly have a coherent plot line.



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