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    middle name for Thea?

    Hi all,
    I started a new thread since my old one was all over the place. Right now, our top name is Thea! I'm really happy my husband likes it. Runner up is Willa. So I'm asking for some middle name suggestions that sound nice and flow well? Thanks!
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    I like the idea of offsetting the shorter first name with a longer, feminine middle name, but one that doesn't end with an a. I also love the idea of matching the colonial/literary feel of your boys' names. What do you think of these?

    Thea Felicity
    Thea Amaryllis
    Thea Genevieve
    Thea Millay
    Thea Delancey

    Willa Felicity
    Willa Genevieve
    Willa Beatrice
    Willa Delancey

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    it's name-o'clock somewhere

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    g w e n

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