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Thread: It's girls!!!

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    It's girls!!!

    My hubby and I just found out that we are having twin girls! We already had a list of names but now we can finically choose. I wanted to see what you guys thought of,:

    McKinley Tate
    Layken Marie
    Kensington Grace
    Avia Quinn
    Evelyn Grace
    Audrey Nikole
    Adalyn ?
    Maisy ?
    Arden Monroe
    Emerson Reed
    Latelyn Rebekah
    Delaney ?

    What are your thoughts?

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    I really like Evelyn Grace, Audrey, Delaney and Rebekah.

    I would do Evelyn Grace and Rebekah Audrey.

    Latelyn sounds like Lynn is late...
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    My favourites are Evelyn Grace, Audrey Nikole & Maisy.

    Maisy Rebekah or Maisie Quinn from your others sound the best I think.

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    LOVE seeing some of my favorite names on your list, they normally don't get great responses on Nameberry so it's great to see that I'm not the only one who loves McKinley and Kensington!!!!
    McKinley Tate - LOVE this
    Layken Marie - surprisingly I think this is adorable
    Kensington Grace - LOVE LOVE this!
    Avia Quinn - not my favorite
    Evelyn Grace - for some reason I have always hated Evelyn, nothing wrong with it though
    Audrey Nikole - like it
    Adalyn ? - is this pronounced like AID-a-lyn or ADD-a-lyn?
    Maisy ? - cute, but I like Maisie spelling better. Maisie Grace?
    Arden Monroe - I don't love Arden
    Emerson Reed - I think this is cute, maybe with nn Emmy/Emmie?
    Latelyn Rebekah - have never heard Latelyn before, not sure how I feel about it
    Delaney ? - adorable, however, I like Laney/Lainie better

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    Evelyn Grace and Audrey Nicole (please don't spell it Nikole, it's awful) are the only two names I have any time for.

    NB: McKinley Tate and Emerson Reed cry out "BOYS" to me, rather than "GIRLS", just thought I'd mention that.

    NB2: What on earth is Latelyn?!
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