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Thread: It's girls!!!

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    McKinley Tate - Masculine.
    Layken Marie - Never heard of Layken. Sounds too trendy.
    Kensington Grace - Love Grace, can't stand Kensington.
    Avia Quinn - This could be nice.
    Evelyn Grace - Pretty and feminine. The most usable name on your list.
    Audrey Nikole - Audrey is great. Nikole - did you mean Nicole?
    Adalyn ? - Too trendy.
    Maisy ? - I think of a cow.
    Arden Monroe - Arden is masculine for me, Monroe too trendy.
    Emerson Reed - Masculine!
    Latelyn Rebekah - Latelyn is not a name, and I prefer Rebekah spelled Rebecca.
    Delaney ? - Could work with the right middle name.

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    McKinley Tate - Very masculine.
    Layken Marie - Layken looks so misspelt and I'm pretty sure it's a boy name. Reminds me of Liken.
    Kensington Grace - Kensington is too surname-y and feels it could only work for a boy.
    Avia Quinn - Ava Quinn or Aria Quinn would be much nicer.
    Evelyn Grace - Your best choice.
    Audrey Nikole - Audrey is nice, but Nikole looks ridiculous. Nicole is much nicer.
    Adalyn ? - I don't like this at all. The "Lyn" on the end just lowers the class of Ada.
    Maisy ? - Cute, but I prefer Maisie. I like this even better as a nn for Marguerite.
    Arden Monroe - Trendy, but alright.
    Emerson Reed - Feels like a boy.
    Latelyn Rebekah - Latelyn is hilarious. Rebekah is nice, though.
    Delaney ? - Is okay, but it feels a little trashy.

    I think your best names are:
    Rebekah, Evelyn, Audrey, and Quinn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    And Latelyn was your period when you found you were knocked up with twins.
    I just laughed so hard I may have damaged my spleen.

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    McKinley Tate - I would use Kenley instead
    Layken Marie - not a fan
    Kensington Grace - just ok for me
    Avia Quinn - I like Aviva better
    Evelyn Grace - nice
    Audrey Nikole - I've alway loved Audrey, its too popular for me now. I would use Audra.
    Adalyn ? - What about Adele?
    Maisy ? - What about Mae?
    Arden Monroe - Arden is ok, but I would use a more feminine middle name.
    Emerson Reed - Emme is a cute nickname. Again use a more feminine middle name.
    Latelyn Rebekah - Latelyn looks and sounds like "lately". Please dont use it!
    Delaney ? - just ok
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    Quote Originally Posted by shyshutterbug View Post
    I just laughed so hard I may have damaged my spleen.
    Meh, you don't need a spleen to live.
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