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Thread: It's girls!!!

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    And Latelyn was your period when you found you were knocked up with twins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blair05 View Post
    My hubby and I just found out that we are having twin girls! We already had a list of names but now we can finically choose. I wanted to see what you guys thought of,:

    McKinley Tate
    Layken Marie
    Kensington Grace
    Avia Quinn
    Evelyn Grace
    Audrey Nikole
    Adalyn ?
    Maisy ?
    Arden Monroe
    Emerson Reed
    Latelyn Rebekah
    Delaney ?

    What are your thoughts?
    I love Evelyn! Evelyn Grace is gorgeous. I think stylistically Audry goes the best with Evelyn. Maisy is cute too, but maybe a bit too cutsey next to Evelyn.

    What do you think of Evelyn and Amelia? Evie and Amy? or Evie and Milly?
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    I think Arden Monroe is gorgeous (I see this name as really feminine but I know it is unisex so you might not get a lot of love for it on nameberry).
    I’d go Arden Monroe and (This is not on your list I just love it with Arden) Keeley Grace.

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    I like Evelyn and Audrey from your fns
    I like Grace, Nicole, Quinn and Rebecca from your middle names

    and congrats on twins exciting
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    All very tryndee names.... I don't like them

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