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  • Verity

    25 29.07%
  • Alexandra

    10 11.63%
  • Amelie

    14 16.28%
  • Georgina

    8 9.30%
  • Evelyn

    20 23.26%
  • Geneva

    9 10.47%
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    What do you think? Wanting some suggestions :)

    I've got a bad case of 'Baby Fever' at the moment so names have been on my mind!

    What do you think of the following names? and do you have any more name suggestions for me to think about?

    Verity Alice / Verity Elizabeth / Verity Alexandra / Verity Annaliese

    Alexandra Lee / Alexandra Marie

    Amelie Alexandra /Amelie Elizabeth

    Georgina Marie / Georgina Lee / Georgina Alice

    Evelyn Marie / Evelyn Alice / Evelyn Alexandra

    Geneva Lee / Geneva Marie / Geneva Alice

    Love some more first name suggestions!

    All the middle names are connected to family appart from Alexandra which is just dh's favorite.
    So middle name options: Anne / Anna / Lee / Marie / Marina / Alice / Elizabeth / Alexandra / Patricia
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    Bump for suggestions?

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    I really like all of your names! They are quite lovely.
    From your combinations my favorites are
    Verity Elizabeth
    Alexandra Marie
    Amelie Elizabeth
    Georgina Marie
    Evelyn Alice
    Geneva Lee
    I like that y'all are using family names in the middle spot! Wow, just realized you have Marina and Patricia down there too. I bet you could have some awesome combinations with those two.

    How about?
    Marina Alexandra or Alexandra Marina
    Evelyn Patricia
    Annalee Marie (not sure if you are into a smoosh name, but Annalee came to mind)

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    I voted for Verity- I love your combos but in order of preference it would be Verity Alexandra, Verity Annaliese, Verity Alice, Verity Elizabeth.

    Order of preference for the rest:
    Alexandra Marie- don't like Lee as a FN at all, too last-namey for me
    Amelie Elizabeth- not always a fan of alliteration
    Georgina Marie- I also like Georgina Alice
    Evelyn Alice- Alexandra makes the combo too long, and Alice is more unique than Marie (especially as a MN)
    Geneva Marie- don't like the two As next to each other with Alice, don't like Lee
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