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    Lightbulb Amalgamations & Portmanteaus

    An amalgamated name is a name that is formed by combining several previously existing names. These may take the form of an acronym (where only one letter of each name is taken) or a blend (where a large part of each name is taken, such as the first syllable).

    For example (twilight one): Renesmee

    A Portmanteau word is used to describe a linguistic blend, namely "a word formed by blending sounds from two or more distinct words and combining their meanings, a portmanteau word is typically formed by combining two or more existing words that all relate to a singular concept which the portmanteau word is meant to describe, such as Spanish and English, into Spanglish ?

    Or Like another twilight example: Carlisle & Charlie bella and edwards fathers the names created renesmee's middle name carlie..

    What names can you come up with?? XX

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    My friend named her daughter Kylie. Which is a combination of her name, Allison (nn Allie), and the father's name, Kyle.

    I'm really not a fan of it at all honestly. She came around to it at the last minute because they couldn't decide on any other name.
    I'm all for honoring family, but this particular practice just seems lazy to me. Same thing with going with Junior. There are far more creative ways to honor family in naming these days.
    Just my opinion.
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    Ooh, this is fun...okay...

    Aralinda (Araminta and Belinda)
    Persephelicity (Persephone and Felicity)
    Isobelaine (Isobel and Elaine)
    Ceridwendolyn (Ceridwen and Gwendolyn)

    [and my personal favourite...] Plumbria (Plum and Umbria)

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    Ugh, let's hope nobody catches wind of these and bestows them on official birth certificates. But, yes, it does look fun to see what everyone comes up with. Let's see... how about: (Warning: feminissima alert! This is all done tongue-in-cheek though.)

    Eloren (Elodie and Lauren)
    Rosadelia (Rosalie and Cordelia)
    Melanina (Melanie and Nina)
    Lilyvette (Lily and Yvette; why does this sound like a birth control pill to me?)
    Eliselena (Elise and Selena)

    and muddling two Nameberry darlings... Maeveasina (Maeve and Thomasina)
    ~Favorites of the moment~

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    100% usable:

    Gidenzo (Gideon + Enzo)
    Groverett (Grover + Everett)
    Llewelliot (Llewellyn + Elliot)
    Ptolysses (Ptolemy + Ulysses)
    Cormitri (Cormac + Dimitri)

    Hypatricia (Hypatia + Patricia)
    Sybiona (Sybil + Fiona)
    Doranda (Dorothy + Miranda)
    Astrigold (Astrid + Marigold)
    Daphnelope (Daphne + Penelope)
    it's name-o'clock somewhere

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