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    Sister for Joel

    DH and I currently have a little guy named Joel Francis, and although we aren't yet preggo with #2, we have been contemplating names. We have a few that we really like, just not sure if they "go" with Joel. Current girl name crushes: Adelaide (Addie), Anneliese (not sure of the best way to spell this), Hannah, Elizabeth, Sariah, Alaynah, Natalie, Joselyn, and Leanna. We don't really have a specific naming you can tell from above. Our son's name was a family name, but we do tend to love the biblical/vintage-y names. (Sidenote: while not absolutely necessary, we would love to honour our moms with our daughters names. Both moms have Ann somewhere in there name, but we are not fans of just plain Ann (or Anne). So any suggestions of names along those lines would be great!)

    So...any of these sound good with Joel? If so which ones? Any suggestions on middle names or nicknames for them as wwell? And any other name suggestions would be welcomed! Thank you!!!!!
    Mommy to Joel Francis (11/15/2012)

    Current Name Loves:
    Elaina Joy, Annaliese, Hannah Katherine, Adelaide, Naomi, Madeleine Rose, Zoe Elizabeth, Brielle, Sariah
    Ian, Daniel, Elijah, Evan, Isaac, Nathanael, Benjamin, Zachariah

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