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    Asher - really like this one. It was on our list for a while until DH went off it
    Axel - Not my style.
    Beckett - Again, not my style. I suppose because it does too last namey to me. I'm sure if I met somebody with this name my opinions of it would change
    Brady - I prefer Brody.
    Brody - Nice choice.
    Caedyn - Never met a Caedyn before so this could be an interesting choice.
    Chace - I would really like this name I could stop thinking about the word Chase whenever I see it ha. Otherwise I think it's great.
    Cohen - Really nice choice. Like it a lot.
    Emery - Refer to Beckett.
    Emmett -
    Garrett - Great choice for a boy's name.
    Grady - Sorry, no my style.
    Jaxson - I prefer Jackson.
    Kellan - Like it.
    Kieran - Love it. But. I prefer the spelling Keiran.
    Talan - Like it.
    Weston - Not my style.

    Hope this helps

    Best Wishes x

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    Asher - excellent name with Biblical roots a a great meaning. If it was pronounceable in Spanish I would use it myself
    Axel - makes me think of cars and figure skating.
    Beckett - I like it but not as much as others on your list.
    Brady - nms
    Brody - nms
    Caedyn - on the trendy "-Aden" train. If you must use it, I would do Aidan or Caden
    Chace - too "word" name for me
    Cohen - this name is very controversial. I would avoid it.
    Emery - makes me think if filing my nails.
    Emmett - I like this one more than Beckett
    Garrett - see Beckett
    Grady on the same page as Brady and Brody
    Jaxson - please just spell it Jackson
    Kellan - nms
    Kieran - I like it, but prefer the original spelling
    Talan - sounds like an animal body part to me, sorry
    Weston this is ok.
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    Asher - I really love this name, as you can see. Its strong but has an earthy feel; my kind of name.
    Axel - Super macho. I really don't like it.
    Beckett - It's alright... I see it a lot now.
    Brady - Hate it.
    Brody - It means ditch...
    Caedyn - This funky spelling could end up getting confusing. Caden is better. It could also be a male alt to Cadence.
    Chace - As long as their sibling is named Hunter, but otherwise... no.
    Cohen - Blarg.
    Emery - It's alright, as long as you like the nickname Em.
    Emmett - See above comment.
    Garrett - Garry. 'Nuff said.
    Grady - Gravy.
    Jaxson - I see this a lot. I prefer Jaxon, as it makes more sense.
    Kellan - This is an alright name. I hope you don't mind the nickname, Kell, though.
    Kieran - Very cool name. Dark and mysterious and strong.
    Talan - Cool. Earthy without trying to be!
    Weston - This is alright. -ton pretty much means town. So town to the West. Nickname could be West or Wes.
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    Asher - Cute! While it isn't my type of name, I can see the appeal.
    Axel - This just isn't a name to me, sorry.
    Beckett - Quirky and cute, but I see this more as a middle name.
    Brady - Nah, this one isn't for me.
    Brody - Also not for me.
    Caedyn - I don't like any of the Aiden names, and that includes this one.
    Chace - I like Chase better, but I don't prefer the name overall.
    Cohen - Way too much controversy surrounding this name.
    Emery - Cute, but I wouldn't use it.
    Emmett - Also nice, but not my style.
    Garrett - Nice, but it doesn't stand out.
    Grady - I don't like this.
    Jaxson - Please spell it Jackson. I prefer Jack overall.
    Kellan - I actually find this more on the feminine side.
    Kieran - Don't like it.
    Talan - I prefer the Talon spelling, but this name is not for me.
    Weston - Cute! Probably my favorite of your names.
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    Asher: Also on my list, love the nn Ash.
    Axel: Definitely a cool name, but NMS.
    Beckett: It's somehow both strong and sweet.
    Brady: I keep thinking of Miranda's son from 'Sex In The City'.
    Brody: Solid name. I prefer Brody over Brady.
    Caedyn: I prefer Caden, mostly because I feel Caedyn would be mispelled quite often.
    Chace: Very handsome name.
    Cohen: Not too fond of Cohen.
    Emery: It sounds a bit feminine to me, maybe because it is very close to the name Emily.
    Emmett: Love
    Garrett: Love (Garrett > Emmett)
    Grady: Grady beats Brady in my book. (Grady > Brody > Brady)
    Jaxson: I like the "x" in the name and Jax would be a cool nn. NMS though.
    Kellan: I also prefer this spelling over Kellen.
    Kieran: Like.
    Talan: I prefer Talon over Talan.
    Weston: Love! Also on my list. I just adore the nn Wes/West!

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