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    Dear Prudence: Names Inspired By Beatles Songs...

    I have a friend who is having a little girl in a few months and some of us were speculating their possible name choices. Since they are avid fans of The Beatles it got us to thinking that maybe their choice will be a name from or inspired by a Beatles song. It wasn't long before I realized how many possibilities there still could be with how extensive the Beatles catalog is. What names do you know from Beatles songs, boy or girl, or from songs of the individual Beatles members? For example, when I was little we had a dog named Ringo, as in Starr. Obviously I'm mostly interested in names from Beatles songs specifically, but am not opposed to hearing your ideas or stories related to this topic. Or do you have a child or wish to have one named after a song, character from a song, or musical artist? Axel or Celine anyone? JK. I will list below names off the top of my head that are in Beatles songs. Again, please add to it, boy or girl,ifany others come to mind and name of the song it originates from. Thanks! Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Prudence ("Dear Prudence")
    Mary ("Let It Be")
    Martha (...My Dear)
    Elenor Rigby
    Lucy (...In The Sky With Diamonds)
    Lovely Rita
    Lady Madonna
    Molly (O Bla Di O Bla Da)
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    I found a great blog post with a long list of Beatles inspired names and the songs are sited as well!

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    I am not having children of my own for a long time now, so I can't offer advice as a soon-to-be mother. However, I am a Ritter, and I'm naming one of my main characters Rigby, because I was listening to their song 'Eleanor Rigby' when he 'popped' into my mind. Maybe one of those two?
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    I am also a huge Beatles fan! Desmond was actually on our list during Violet's pregnancy, but that was more LOST inspired (not that DH and I were huge into the show, but hearing the name a lot and seeing a guy with the name made us like it more) but the Beatles were also an inspiration, lol.

    My older 2 have names partially inspired by the band Phish. Elihu (is in the song Sample in a Jar) and Eliza (instrumental song, as well as the mn of Trey's wife and fn of his oldest daughter) these names also happen to have other outside the band inspirations for us, but all my Phishy Phriends (I have been to over 40 shows....) thought it was really cool when we announced Seb's full name and then again with Bronwen. Actually, one of the 2 boys names we like for this little one is Wolfgang and there is a song called "The Wolfmans Brother" so I already have ideas for big brother/sister shirts if that is what we choose.
    For me at least, I want to have that balance of giving my kids names that mean something but also are not blatently "a certain band/artist" or what not. I have a friend with kids named Lennon and Hendrix, and while I think those are cool names in theory, I at least prefer to keep the inspiration therebut not make it as blatent, kwim? Names like Lucy, Eleanor, Jude etc are all honoring enough without being too "honoring". Good luck to your friends.
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    I know Judy is very 70's, but Hey Jude is the very best Beatles song.
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