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    Aria - pretty, getting trendy but I still like it
    Anabelle - pretty name, simple, but nice
    Arabella - I really like it. Definitely has a distinct style, but it's nice
    Catalina - I like this one a lot as well, I know it's not well loved, but it's pretty
    Raena - I like Raina, but the Raena spelling is a bit odd, it would always be spelled wrong
    Samara - I actually like this one a lot! the only thing that keeps me from loving it is that I can't see it on a blonde child
    Willa - I like this one, gaining popularity, but it's pretty
    Mariana - nice, not super exciting, but it's pretty
    Rory - cute, but very nickname-like
    Thalia - nice, it's cute, not a favorite, but I do like it
    Tatiana - cute, not one I love, but it's okay, very Russian

    Alena/Aliana - there are just so many names that sound like this, it's a pretty sound, but I wouldn't personally use one

    Too trendy for me: Ashtyn, Kynlee, McKinley, Raelyn, Tinsley
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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    Alena - I'm personally not keen on Alena I prefer Elena (eh-LAY-nuh) still I see the attraction.
    Aliana - I think this name feels strange I prefer Eliana.
    Anabelle - I adore this name, she's pretty and light. But I dislike this spelling, I prefer Annabel.
    Arabella - Adorable, princess inspired name really pretty. I love the nickname Bella too. Arabella is so lovely.
    Aria - Sweet, Italian classic. Aria is a delightful choice. Lovely.
    Ashtyn - Dislike this spelling, and I dislike this name on a girl. Prefer Ashton for a boy.
    Catalina - I love Catalina, she's a cool Spanish/Hispanic sounding name. Catalina is very pretty choice.
    Kynlee - Dislike his for me she feels trashy and I hate the random 'y'.
    Mariana - Lovely, exotic choice that feels very classy too. Mariana is gorgeous. Very fresh.
    McKinley - Dislike names like this. I hate the 'kay' and 'Mac' names for me they feel unattractive and trashy.
    Raelyn - I dislike this. Rae is pretty but attached to Lyn it feels awful.
    Raena - Unattractive.
    Rory - A cute nickname for Aurora but as a name in it's own right for a girl is awful.
    Samara - I love this choice, Samara feels really Asian inspired and pretty.
    Tatiana - A cool, sleek Russian inspired choice. Tatiana is attractive but I of the 'ana' ending names my favourite is Mariana.
    Thalia - I like this name but she isn't my favourite out of all the names I like on this list.
    Tinsley - I think as a middle name for Elizabeth Tinsley would be pretty but not in the first name slot.
    Willa - A lovely, pretty choice. Willa is lovely.

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