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    congrats to new moms! My family is coming over tonight, and we are going to give them the news. I have not had an ultrasound yet, but I know I won't be able to keep quiet until then. I have not had any nausea or puking, or food/smell aversions. My breasts are still big and sore, and I want to sleep a lot. No unusual cramping or spotting. I won't be really relaxed until after the first ultrasound. My thoughts are with all of you first-trimester ladies.
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    hi pregnant mamas! Just wanted to post a quick update- had my next check up today. I am 10 wks 5 days. Doctor couldn't find the baby with the doppler so she did a quick abdominal ultrasound. Baby is in there, growing normally and had a great heart rate- 166 BPM.
    At this point, with 2 baby sightings behind me and coming up on the end of my first trimester-I am starting to finally relax that this babe is going to stick. We will probably start telling more people now too. (Already told my side of the family and close friends).
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    We have our 12 week scan on 14 May, and I'm starting to freak out a bit about chromosonal abnormalities. I made the mistake of googling "IVF and Down's Syndrome" only to find that there is a study suggesting an increased risk for older mother's who've undergone IVF (I'm 36 next month). I know that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it and worrying is just a waste of time, but last summer I was given the heartbreaking news that my young dog (substitute baby) was dying from a congenital heart defect , so I know how it feels to be told the worst by a doctor. So now I've started thinking about what we would do, whether we would continue with the pregnancy or terminate, what happens if we tell people about the pregnancy and then get the news that there is a problem, etc. Awful.

    In happier news, I've told my new boss that I'm 10 weeks pregnant (started the job last week - oops), and he was lovely and understanding beyond my wildest hopes. Phew!
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    @velvetcrush I have my 12 week ultrasound on May 14th too - although by that time I will be 13 weeks!
    I am 37. I am not worried about Down Syndrome. This spotting I have been having is enough to worry about!
    My husband told me about a co-worker of his whose daughter's made the heartbreaking decision to terminate due to Down's. It is is so sad. I want this baby so bad. I don't think I could terminate no matter how high the #'s are on the test.

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