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    Just wanted to jump on the bandwagon cause I got my BFP this morning!

    Based on my last period I am 5w 5d but if I am right to when I ovulated, I believe I am 4 weeks! Just set up my first appointment for May 7th.

    I am excited to join you berries in the first trimester group. Congrats to you all!
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    Welcome Mrstoobn, Wendybird, Megmarie, and anyone else who has recently joined us. I have not had a chance to read through the thread for a while. I had an appointment this morning and I am very excited. Well, everything looked great. I saw a little heartbeat racing and a wiggly little beetle stuck on its back. I am measuring a bit behind (9 weeks 3 days instead of 10 weeks), but that was totally expected since I didn't get a positive HPT till I was almost a week late. My due date is still technically November 21, but I am going to go with December 1 when I tell people so they aren't BAFFLED when I go over.
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    @cvdutch31 & uselesskitty- I'm in the bandwagon with you. I miscarried our first last summer and have been very hesitant to have excited feeling about being pregnant. I'm 9w1d and will be having an ultrasound in less than 2 weeks, I think I will be able to give myself a little more permission to be/feel pregnant once I see a living baby in there. It is a bit sad how the previous experience may take away a bit of your joy in the beginning, but I really feel it will only add to the joy near the end of the pregnancy.

    My best friend is also pregnant also pregnant and it breaks my heart to see how excited she is and I can't be, it seems like such a naieve kind of excitement one that has been tarnished by misfortune. I remember that feeling the first time around, it kind of makes me jealous. It took 2.5 years of marriage and over 1 year of TTC whereas she is barely 6 mos married and they've been TTC for only 4. It's very difficult to be pg at the same time as a friend, comparisons are inevitable.

    Anyway, my symptoms are mostly an unsettled stomach which feels this way often, some nausea, only vomited twice so far, intense hunger pains I describe as feeling like my stomach is eating itself, food aversions, and very sensitive to smells. They are all a blessing, I welcome them if it means I get a healthy baby at the end of this.

    PS We haven't announced yet, waiting til about 11 weeks, after we get the u/s. Last time we told that very morning we found out. Have only told 3 close friends b/c they keep up with me and ask directly about TTC and a couple people at work out of necessity. Last year we announced on Mothers Day and this year we are mailing a photo announcement (of shoes: his, mine, baby's) to everyone. We will text a pic of the u/s to my parents to really surprise them since they live in another state. Just keeping my mind on the u/s date.

    Keeping the mind on other things really helps it go by faster. Time went by much slower last time. I also think waiting to tell people makes it go by faster b/c you're looking forward to something and people aren't asking you constantly aabout the pregnancy adn how you're feeling, how far along you are etc.
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    Congratulations to all the new mommies!
    I have had some spotting and was very worried, but everything seems to be okay now.
    9 days til my doctor's appt and hearing the heart beat! Time is going by so slowly.

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    Me too - a little spotting yesterday, I was very worried and haven't told anyone, so no one to chat to about it! DH doesn't worry about things - very laid back. I read that spotting can be normal - anyone else have that with a great outcome?
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