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    First Trimester berries! Speaking of berries, our babies are the size of...

    I'll be 8 weeks tomorrow, saw my baby on the sonogram yesterday and heard the heartbeat!
    This is amazing.
    My baby is the size of a blueberry now! How could that be, last week he or she was less than half that size!!

    Nausea, back aches, fatigue, constipation, bloating, ridiculous mood swings and sensitivity to everything, breasts growing (although I don't mind that so far because I've always been little haha), unbuttoning that top button on our pants, reading and obsessing about baby stuff, telling family and friends, and feeling like wow everything that used to matter in life doesn't even compare to the importance of what we're doing - bringing a person into the world!!! <3

    Any other first trimester berries with their berry (or seed) sized babies?
    I was thinking it would be a good idea to talk about the symptoms, vent our ever changing feelings and keep each other positive and encouraged! This stage is exciting but can use support sometimes!!
    Baby Hernández is due Nov. 22!!

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    I will be 5 weeks tomorrow! Mine is the size of an orange seed and looks like a tadpole! My symptoms aren't very strong yet.
    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Luther's little brother November 2015!
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    7w2d here. Had some distinct ligament pain in week 5 but no other symptoms since. No appointments until 01 May, which is a bit stressful!

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    This thread is fantastic, thank you so much for starting it! Though I'll admit, I'm terrified to even type anything here. I am currently 5 weeks and 4 days and so excited I can hardly stand it. Problem is our last pregnancy, which was our first and only up to now, ended at 10 weeks in a miscarriage. So that's why I'm so scared. It sucks in a lot of ways - but especially because it almost feels like we've been robbed of the pure joy a first pregnancy can bring.
    But we are doing our best to just think positive and feel good and take it moment by moment. I've had my hormone levels checked 3 times and they were perfect each time. Last pregnancy, they were off from the very beginning so this has been reassuring. On Monday we go in for our first ultrasound. If that's as it should be, that will bring a little bit more relief - but I don't think "complete" relief will come until we pass the entire first trimester. And even then, I probably still won't relax until the baby is in my arms!

    But anyway, I've been obsessed with names since I was 12 or 13. So I adore Nameberry and all the Berries here. Congrats to everyone who is expecting and is starting this long, incredible journey! Right now it feels like it's going to be the LONGEST 10 months of my life - but I know that will change as we go.

    My symptoms aren't too bad. I've had a lot of trouble sleeping, that's been the worst. Averaging about 4 hours a night. I'm having to pee very frequently. But only a couple of very quick waves of nausea, nothing bad on that front. I've had some hot flashes. And my boobs are *very* sore! But again, it's so early that maybe they just haven't kicked in yet??

    Anyway, sorry for the book. We aren't telling anyone yet because it's so soon so it's nice to be able to share all of this! Best wishes to all of us for strong, healthy babies! ~ C

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    I am about 7-8 weeks pregnant. LMP dates me at 8, but I didn't get a positive test result till I was a week late so I wouldn't be surprised if I ovulated late. I am moderately nauseated and tired. I've been trying to take things easy just to keep things from getting worse, hopefully it works. I will get my first ultrasound in 2 weeks.

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