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    What do you think of these name combos?

    I have been playing around with my favourites to make some name combos and I am curious to see what you all think...

    So here they are!

    (Note that most middle names are to honor a family member)

    Arlo Jack
    Asher Jude
    Elijah James/Jack
    Finn Ari
    Quaid Alexander
    Quinn William
    Sebastian James/Jack
    Ari William
    Mummy to Xavier and Elijah

    Girls names: Rhiannon, Aine, Eilidh, Phoebe, Amelie, Freya, India
    Boys names: Eden, Elijah/Eli, Finn, Jude, Levi, Nash, Quinn, Sebastian, Arlo, Knox

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    Great list! I really like: Elijah James, Quaid Alexander, Quinn William and Sebastian James.

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    Asher Jude I love. AJ is a nice nn-or Ash.
    Instead of Jack, I would use Jax. I like the way it sounds better than Jack-and not b/c of the letter "X."
    Elijah James is handsome but Elijah is so popular that if I used it I would use EJ as the nn -I like EJ better than AJ.
    Quaid I don't know if I like the sound of it-although I love Quinton or Quincy. Quinn I prefer on a girl.
    Instead of super popular Alexander as a first or middle, I'd use Zander. I've always liked it better.
    Sebastian I used to love until it peaked in popularity.Still a handsome name.
    If I had to choose from your list I'd make up some new combos-I know I am picky-sorry.
    Sebastian Quaid
    Elijah Quinn
    Elijah William
    Asher James
    Eiijah Quaid

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    I like Asher Jude and adore the nn Ash. I also LOVE Sebastian nn Ash, but I don't love Sebastian with James.

    I do like the suggestion of Sebastian Quaid quite a bit:

    Arlo Sebastian
    Sebastian Elias
    Sebastian Jude

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    Asher Jude is my favorite.

    I really like Elijah James as well.

    What about Finn Alexander? the flow works a bit better I think.
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    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
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