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Thread: Narrowing down

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    javad Guest
    I really like the combo of Alexander with Maximilian and Felix. A lot (the 'x' really ties the names together in a unique and subtle way). I like Grover, but only because I have a family connection to the name (I've got direct blood relation to Grover Cleveland). If I didn't have that connection, I might think of this name as just mediocre (though I do like it a lot in combination with Felix). Harold I don't like too much.

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    I love Grover. Harold is okay. I really love the nickname Harry. I think it's nice choices.

    If some people say Harold reminds them of an old man and Grover of a cool muppet, I wouldn't worry. Your boys will make the names their own.

    Also, I think Felix and Grover are pretty cool together too.

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    I don't think Harold or Grover match well with your son's names.

    I like:
    Maximilian, Felix, Xander
    Maximilian, Felix, Alexander
    Maximilian, Felix, Xavier

    Any of these would make an awesome sibset.

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    My concern with Grover and Harold is that your other sons have really main stream names. These names are a little more old manish. I had a great uncle named Grover Cleveland and he went by G.C. When ever anyone hears his name, they cringe and make a face. Be aware of that. Plus the whole sesame street thing could be an issue. I just plain don't like Harold. I agree with pp that Harris would be better. So, my vote is Harris.

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    Harold and Grover - not a fan. Harold sounds like an old person, Grover makes me think of Grover Cleveland
    Jack - I think the name is cute, but all I can think is Titanic
    Alexander - love this name! also think it fits well with Maximillian and Felix since they all have x, but sound totally different
    Lachlan - have never liked this name, don't know why
    Samuel - good name, not my style. I like nn Sam though
    William - LOVE! this is my favorite from your list

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