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Thread: Narrowing down

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarah15 View Post
    I actually really like all of the other names you have listed, but especially like Alexander with Maximillian and Felix. I think that the x is a nice way of tying the names together
    I agree. I'd definitely go with Alexander because of the X's! Alexander Grover? Alexander Harold?
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    I love Jack and Samuel, especially. Although with Maximilian and Felix--they seem like such rich, romantic names--popular names like Jack and Samuel don't seem to hold up, although I do like Alexander with your boys. I'm not really sure he would feel left out, but I love the subtle tie of having the trendy/cool/uncommon "X" in each boys' name.

    I also really love Grover (swoon!). I've crushed on it for so long, it's nice to see it getting some love.

    I don't know if it appeals to you, but I think Conrad would work really well with Maximilian and Felix.

    Good luck!
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    I think Alexander, William and Harold work best with your other sons' names. I'm afraid I don't love Grover for a little boy. Just makes me think of the adorable blue Sesame Street monster and I think would invite teasing in school. (The show will probably still be going strong for years.)

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    Thank you for the responses.

    Unfortunately I think Alexander can only be a middle name for us. Firstly because we aren't keen on Alex or Xander as nicknames and secondly because we are trying to avoid getting stuck in the x theme.

    We had the realisation today that if we go with Samuel Alexander his initials will be SAM!!! This is a keen contender at the moment.

    Also holding strong on our list are:
    Grover (though we are starting to doubt this one)
    Lachlan (despite its popularity here)
    Edward (I forgot to include this in the previous list)

    I feel like we might not have come across "the name" yet! I'm thinking about posting a thread for boy and girl suggestions in the baby name thread so if you have any ideas I look forward to seeing them there!
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    Alexander gets my vote! I like the idea of all the names having an x. It gives the siblings a subtle connection.
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