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Thread: Fifi Box

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    Fifi Box

    Fifi Box, an Australia Television and Radio Personality, gave birth to her daughter Beatrix Belle Box last Friday. She will go by Trixie Belle.
    I love Beatrix, but with Belle and Box, the whole name is a bit much for me, far to B heavy!
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    fiammetta Guest
    I was just about to post this myself! I was pleasantly surprised by Fifi's choice of Beatrix as I quite like it. Beatrix Belle is nice, but I agree with you that it is too B heavy with Beatrix Belle Box, it is emphasised also because Belle and Box are both one syllable.

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    I like the name Beatrix but not with Box or Belle. I'm hearing "Be-bop".

    Fun Fact: Fifi Trixiebelle is the daughter of singer Bob Geldof. Hmmm....
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    When I first saw this thread title (having no idea who Fifi Box is) I thought it was First name, Middle name and was like, "Really? BOX?!"

    But now that I realize what's REALLY going on I agree, Beatrix Belle is lovely but with Box it's a bit much.

    Side not, we have Lux, Knox/Nox, Vox as names... I could totally see a celeb naming their kid Box. Anyone else?
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    It's a bit too much for me, and her FN + LN is Beatrix Box, which I don't like.

    Also I can't help but think that Beatrix Belle Box is a bit of a tongue-twister, as I keep repeating it faster and faster and I get all tongue-tied.

    NB: It's funny to see someone has given their child a name where all the initials are the same. My first and middle initials are MM and I've often said I'd never marry someone with an M surname, as I wouldn't want to be MMM!
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