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Thread: Astarte

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    Love Astarte, it's beautiful. It's pronounce uhs-TAHR-tee. I'm not sure how usable it is though... In Babylonia she was called Ishtar and she's also identified with the Sumerian goddess Inanna (although I realise this name is very different!). The name Esther comes from Astarte, and there are plenty nice versions of that name, Esteri and Estera comes to mind. Or maybe the Greek goddess (justice, purity and innocence) Astraea. That name means star, and she is the constellation Virgo.
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    I didn't know how to pronounce it until others said so in this thread. I think she'd be in for a lifetime of misspellings and mispronunciations. Those are big "nos" for me.

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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    She's a fertility goddess in the Ancient Near East associated with child sacrifice and sex magic.

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