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Thread: Astarte

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    Is the name Astarte too out there for a first name? I really like it, especially the meaning behind it (she's an ancient goddess) but I realize it is a little unconventional

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    I really like it too, but it's definitely way out there. I think it would be great in the middle spot, maybe ok in the first.

    Bizarrely, I prefer Ishtar (different name, same goddess) despite the fact that the sound of it is really unpleasant and it has all the qualities of names I hate.
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    How do you pronounce it? As-tart or As- tar-tay? It's a little too out there for my taste, if the pronunciation is As-tart I can see a lot of teasing :/

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    Yes, too out there. I'm not sure how I feel about the name, guess I'm neutral then. I heard about the goddess once and not really like her. But maybe it's just because the point of view from the book I read. I pronounce it As-tar-tay.
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    It's a-star-tee.

    I think its problematic. People still can't get their heads around Astrid, I don't hold out much hope for Astarte.

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