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    What first names could get the nn Ollie?

    For some reason I have always loved the nn Ollie and other O names like Odette. Problem is I really cannot stand the name Olive because it reminds me of .... ummm..... Olives? I like Olivia a lot but the problem with Olivia is the Olive nn.

    So any other names you can think of to get Ollie?

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    I'd think any Ol- name would work:
    Olympia, Olalla, Oleksandra, Olena, Olga, Olivera/Olivette, and Olwen/Olwin are just a few.
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    One of my favorite names at the moment is Oleanna. I just think it's gorgeous, and so underused. Ollie could work as a nickname (as could Lea and Anna).
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