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    "Grayson" with my last name?

    Hi everyone! I'm new.

    My husband and I are expecting #4, a boy. We have three little girls named Reagan, Avery, and Paige. We're having a heck of a time agreeing on a name for their brother, and I'm sure there'll be many more posts on that topic as we thin the herd.

    One name that we actually agree on is Grayson. We both like it, it just kind of feels right in terms of our style and with the sib-set.

    The problem? Our last name is Thompson.

    So my question is...
    Do you think it is a bad thing or a mouthful that his name would be Grayson Thompson?
    Is that too much "-son"???
    Does it actually sound not so bad in a weird way?

    Please give your honest opinions! I want to love it but either I'm having some reservations for a reason OR I just need some reassurance.

    Thanks everyone

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    I wouldn't do Grayson Thompson--the ending is too redundant. Sorry. However, Gray Thompson would be amazing. Reagan, Avery, Paige, and Gray make an awesome set! I went to college with a guy named Gray--way cool guy and name. I also think you might be able to get away with Graydon, but that makes it more of an -aden trend name (in case that bother's you).

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    It's a bit too much "-son" for me, though it's not jaw-droppingly bad or anything. What about Gratian/Gratien (prn. GRAY-shən), Graeme or Graham (prn. GRAY-um; I'd recommend the first spelling with this pronunciation, personally), Grady, or Graydon/Greydon?
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    Too much son, sorry. How about just Gray?
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    Thanks for the replies! Sadly, both Gray AND Graham were on my (very) short list and DH vetoed them both in such a way I know they're not coming back any time soon.

    Graham has always been my #1 boys names throughout all my pregnancies and it's like he abhors it!
    Then I suggested Gray or Grayer. He said, "Gray is dumb and Grayer is dumber." :evil:

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