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Thread: Rose and Leo

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    I immediately thought of titanic, but that's probably because I'm kind of obsessed with that movie and have been since "leo" dicaprio was riding the film's fame to dreamboat status for all the girls my age at the time (and one of my top two names is rose, mostly because of that movie). I don't think it's a bad thing though. I considered this sibset at one time myself.
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    Titanic is still one of my favourite movies. I was 14 when it came out and I was so in love with Kate & Leo, Rose & Jack. Leo and Rose are adorable together, and even though I do think Titanic, I don't mind, I actually kind of dig it. Great movie, great characters, and Leo & Kate both seem like very nice people to me.
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    Am I the only one who didn't immediately think Titanic? Leo is the actor's name. Rose was Kate Winslet's character's name. If you said Rose and Jack... yes. If you said Kate and Leo... yes. But Rose and Leo? Cute names for kids.
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    No. And I'm a giant fan of the Titanic! Since Rose is a character and Leo is te nickname for the actor, I think you should be fine!
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    Even before opening this, my first thought was Titanic. Yes, its a false congruency (since one is the character and one is the actor) as some have pointed out, but it's where my mind went

    They are very nice names, though. I wouldn't let it dissuade you if you are set on them. But if your looking for a tiebreaker... yeah, my mind went there.
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