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Thread: Rose and Leo

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    Yes, I thought Titanic.

    Which like others have said, I'm not even sure why it's such an instant connection mentally--Rose being the character and Leo the actor...but yeah, it's there. Gorgeous names together though, I hope you still use them one way or another!
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    When I read that I thought "That sounds familiar..." And after 15 seconds I connected it to Titanic.
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    They are a nice match, but I've never even seen the movie (I should, I know) and I immediately thought of Titanic.

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    My first reaction was they're such lovely names, Titanic didn't even cross my mind until I looked at the previous posts!
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    What intersting to me - I just want to add - is that I think if you went with Kate and Jack you wouldn't have as much of an association. Maybe it's because Leo DiCaprio was/is so popular and famous, but Kate Winslet was and still is a little more subtle in her fame. Sorry, just kind of thinking out loud here
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