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    Are Ivie and Ivey legitimate spellings?

    I was just wondering if anyone knows if Ivie and Ivey are considered 'legitimate' spellings? Are they accepted spellings in the same way that Hollie and Lillie are? I don't tend to think of Ivie as a yooneek spelling but maybe a lot of people do?

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    Well they both show up on Nameberry, not sure if that makes them legitimate....
    They are listed as variations of Ivy, which I much prefer.

    In my opinion, it just looks like someone was trying to be yooneek or didn't know how to spell Ivy....

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    I don't consider Ivie or Ivey a legitimate spelling of Ivy, the same way I don't consider Hollie a legitimate spelling. They're words. IMO it's like someone spelling the word Book as "Booq" because they liked it better - that doesn't make it a legitimate spelling. I guess I'm a stickler.

    Lillie on the other hand, if it's by itself and that's the entire name (as a variant of Lily) then I think it's yooneek. But if someone named Lillian decides to spell their nickname Lillie because they think it makes more sense - like to keep the Lilli- part the same - then I guess that's acceptable.
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    I think Lillie and Hollie are considered "legitimate" because they were used in the early 1900s (at least I know Lillie was). However I am with pp in that word names spelled incorrectly really bother me. To me, Holly, Ivy, and Lily are all botanicals that have one correct spelling.

    That being said I do think Ivy is a lovely name

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    I don't really like either (love Ivy though), but I would say that Ivey looks much more legitimate than Ivie to my eyes.

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