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Thread: Rose and Leo

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    I read the title first before the post.
    This is what I thought:
    "Swoon... I love those names together.... I love those names in general!"
    Then I thought... Rose and Leo... like Rose in Titanic and Leonardo decaprio.
    BUT it wasn't a negative thought. It was like a "oh WOW, how cool" thought.

    Then I read your post and thought.... LOL Titanic, I guess someone else saw the link too.
    But seriously, it wouldn't matter. Rose was a character whereas Leo... is the actor.
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    I didnt even think of Titanic. Leo is a real person, whereas Rose was just a name of a fictional character - it would be different if it was Jack and Rose! I think the two names sound beautiful together!

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    I definitely don't think Titanic. I think they go really well together.

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    Thanks for the input everyone! The tough thing is that they are both, individually, our favorite names for each gender. I'm due with our first in the fall. I love them together, but because of the "Titanic connection," I'm afraid to use them both together -- so I'm afraid if I use one, it will rule the other out. A lot to think about!

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    My firt thought was how much I love these names, both together and on their own! Titanic never crossed my mind, and I especially doubt your kids' peers would make the connection. I wouldn't let it stop you from using the names you love

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