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    Names from the book you're currently reading

    I am currently reading the book Frederica by Georgette Heyer. It's set 1818 and the characters have some wonderful names, so I thought I could start a thread were we post the names of the characters in whichever book we're reading at the minute and comment on them.

    I'll start with Frederica :

    Augusta - I've never liked any of the 'August' names.
    Charis - Absolutely beautiful, I love it. My current 'name crush'.
    Chloë - A nice name, overused now, but it would have been very interesting at the time.
    Elizabeth "Eliza" - I love Elizabeth, but Eliza isn't my favourite form.
    Frederica - Beautiful. I love Frederick too.
    Jane - Lovely, simple and sweet.
    Louisa - Don't love it, but it's a nice enough name. I might like it more if it didn't remind me of a whiny girl I went to school with.
    Seraphina - Nice, but I don't love it either.

    Carlton - NMS at all.
    Charles - Lovely and handsome.
    Darcy - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
    Endymion - Handsome, works well in the novel, but I can't really see it as a name in real life.
    Felix - See Darcy.
    Harry - Lovely but overused at the minute. I prefer Henry.
    Jessamy - It's nice but I can't quite make up my mind about it. I imagine it would be presumed to be a girl's name today.
    Vernon - Ugh. And this is the romantic lead male. Thankfully he's a marquis and goes by his title Alverstoke almost all of of the time.
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