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    Trying to make our final list, needing your opinions please!! :)

    Thank you so much for all of your help! We almost have our final list together but need your opinions please as we can't seem to agree. Just tell us which one you like best from each name and then your overall favourite. If you have feel a different middle name would fit better, we're open to suggestions

    Amelia Charlotte or Amelia Annabel (nn. Milly or Lia)
    Clara Madeleine or Clara Jane Daisy [Madeleine pronounced the same as Madelyn)
    Claudia Juliet or Claudia Sophia Claire.
    Imogen Daisy, Imogen Lola, Imogen Isla Rose, Imogen Bailey Rose or Imogen Lola Anne
    Lola Juliet or Lola Charlotte.
    Mischa Bronte, Mischa Cosette or Mischa Eleanor Lily

    Thanks berries! x
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    Amelia Charlotte- oozes class and flows well
    Clara Madeleine- very pretty , and again the syllable count flows well
    Claudia Sophia Claire- not normally a two middle name kinda girl but I'm weirdly drawn to this one.
    Imogen Bailey Rose- see Claudia and love Imogen , sophisticated with good literary roots, love Rose, simple and elegant
    Lola Juliet- like it but prob my least favourite as Lola is a bit nicknamey for me , would prefer it to be a nn for something more substantial Dolores, Eloise,Elodie,Louisa,Louise? Just to give the child more options when older- I particularly like Eloise Juliet or Elodie Juliet.
    Mischa ... hmmm torn between Mischa Bronte and Mischa Eleanor Lily.

    Overall fave is prob Imogen Bailey Rose or Clara Madeline
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    Thank you

    We were originally thinking Elodie for Lola but a friend of ours named their little girl Elodie so that was out. Then we thought Marlow but nobody seemed to keen on it on here for a girl so we thought maybe it was a bit too masuline and just decided we'd use Lola. I really like Louisa & Eloisa but prefer them in the middle name spot as there are other names I love more. But thanks for your suggestion, I'll be on the look out for other Lola options x

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    I have heard Lola as a nickname for Charlotte also and Laura names : Laura, Lauren , laurel etc although these may be a bit of stretch good luck. Wish I'd found this site before having my bub, it's so much fun (although I think bubs name still would have been what it is) x
    Proud mama to Lillian Gwynaeth (Lily Gwyn/ Lilou) (12/2012)

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