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    Honouring my dad by using his name as a middle name - what do you think?

    I'm a nameberry newbie! I often come onto nameberry, as I love to learn about names and what they mean, etc. but have never posted so this is a first for me.

    My father passed away 2 years ago and I would like to honour him by giving his name to my second son as a middle name. I come from a Finnish background and my dad's name was Timo. Although I have not discussed the first name with my husband yet, I have taken a liking to Oliver (TBD whether my husband will agree!) What is your honest opinion of Oliver Timo? Don't worry, I won't be offended if you don't like the end, I know it comes down to whether my husband and I are happy with it but just curious how it is perceived. If you don't like Oliver Timo, do you have a first name suggestion that you think sounds better with Timo as the middle name?

    Our first son is William Anthony (William because it was the one name we could agree on and Anthony is after my husband's grandfather).

    Thanks for the input! :-D

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    I think Oliver Timo sounds great, particularly with a brother called William Anthony.
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    I like the name Timo, but less crazy about Oliver. I like seazuno86's suggestion of Henry Timo and Peter Timo. Or what about Timothy (nn Timo) as a first name? Or even just Timo as a fn?

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    Oliver Timo sounds great! I really like Oliver with William.
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