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Thread: Renaming Riley

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    Renaming Riley

    Years ago, I started writing a sci-fi novel and used the name Riley for the main character's grandfather and son. Neither Riley is in the book much - grandpa's mentioned a few times (but was a major influence on her) and the son is about a year old when the book ends, so not much in the way of character development. When I named these characters, Riley wasn't very popular and wasn't used for girls much. I still love the name, but want to change it - it just doesn't fit them now.

    I already changed another character's name due to the same issue and hers was difficult, but not nearly as hard as renaming the Rileys.

    Grandpa was a free-lance star freighter captain (aka a suspected smuggler) - a "tough old coot" whose family is the most important thing to him. The baby is a smarty-pants, independent and stubborn - kind of a "tough little coot." :lol:

    I want something mostly masculine, but could potentially be used for a girl. I would like to stay with an "R" name, but I'm not going to be too picky. And the more unusual, the better. Since I'm completely at a loss...any suggestions? Thank you!!

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    Re: Renaming Riley

    As far as R names go that can be unisex, the only one coming to mind is Ryan. Or Rowen/Rowan.

    Other names: Preston, Ezra, Colby, Cooper, Douglas, Jake, Jamie, Mason, Shane, Van.

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    Re: Renaming Riley

    Abigail, Beatrice, Jemima, Hazel, Matilda, Svea

    Isaac, James, Jasper, Julius, Sebastian, William

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    Re: Renaming Riley (please vote!)

    Just lurking since the birth of my son S. G. A.
    Zorina, Faustine, Castalia, Vasilisa, Oriana, Anaxandra, Sebastiana
    ... Alaric, Silvan, Alistair, Stellan, Rainer, Caspian, Theron, Salvatore

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    Re: Renaming Riley

    The only unisex R name that I could think to add is Reagan. Unisex and pretty cool if you ask me good luck

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