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  • Echo Brooke

    6 10.34%
  • Indigo Scarlett

    3 5.17%
  • Matilda Rose

    49 84.48%
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Thread: Combinations!

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    I love Indigo, but not with Scarlett.

    top combos: Max Leonardo || Jane Birdie

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    Hm... I voted for Matilda Rose. Indigo Scarlett sounds more like what you would find in a box of crayons than a name to me. I don't like Echo Brooke either because they are both word names.
    Matilda - like it
    Tabitha - love this name
    Miranda - also like this one
    Indigo - maybe okay as a middle, I don't like it as a first
    Hazel - this isn't my style, but I don't have a problem with it either
    Echo - Not a fan
    Skye - this is a guilty pleasure for me, I like it, but I wouldn't use it
    Fern - too many word names... I just don't normally like word names
    May - fine
    Dawn - fine
    Rose - like this
    Taylor - fine
    Marissa - love this one!
    Scarlett - really LOVE this
    Alanna - I like this one
    Tegan - not so much
    Rowan - could be cute
    Ellette - maybe with nn Ellie?
    Anya - cute
    Raven - bad connotations for me
    Autumn - don't like
    Fawn - don't like

    So... from your list I think Marissa Scarlett, Tabitha Skye, Scarlett Matilda are my favorites.

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    Matilda Rose is beautiful!
    Other names on your list that really stand out to me are:
    Miranda - Lovely and underused
    Tabitha - Has some spunk to it
    Hazel - Love it
    Skye - I know a very sweet young lady named Skye
    Dawn - Beautiful imagery
    Ellette - Never heard this, I like it a lot!
    Alanna - Pretty

    Combinations you may like based on your picks
    Hazel Dawn
    Scarlett Rose
    Ellette Rose

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    I think Matilda Rose is lovely. With Echo Brooke I think there will be too many echo jokes. Indigo Scarlett, as pp pointed out is too much color.
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