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  • Nora

    43 45.74%
  • Eden

    29 30.85%
  • Luna

    41 43.62%
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    My undecided girl names...

    I have my top two full girl names all set and I'm looking to make it three... But my partner and I just can't decide between these (not expecting yet, though). We like them all. What do you think? Luna will have the middle name Sigrid, but I have no idea about the other two (well, I like Eden Skye but DBF vetoed that). So you can throw out some middle name combos if you'd like .

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    I like all 3, but my favorite is Luna.

    What about Eden Svenja?
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    I like all of them, although I wouldn't use Eden myself because of the religious connotations. To me, Eden's religious, Luna's quirky, and Nora's classic and sweet.
    Using names from your signature, how about Nora Clover and Eden Sloane?

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    I love Luna with your other top girls picks!

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    I like Luna and Nora best.

    Luna Sigrid sounds perfect.

    Nora Sloane sounds very nice to me as well. I also like Nora Brighid.

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